General update 6

Cloudflare had their Fullstack week in November and they introduced some really nice features, like pages supporting workers defined in the same repo or GitLab support.

I'm generally excited by the possibilities of adding dynamic functionality to static sites and almost anything that Cloudflare rolls out looks great. You can now build your company on Cloudflare. I wouldn't do it yet, since these features are not yet mature enough and there is always a price to pay to be the first one on these platforms. (e.g. I couldn't make local dev work for workers with pages and there is no documentation about it)

I shared a post about a Shopify App crawler I wrote earlier this year. stats

Added 4 new questions and 1 new command. In total having 78 questions and 29 commands.

There were 87 unique visitors in November. 10 clicks from google and 2.11k impressions in search console (115 daily maximum).

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